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Leyline Promotions was created by Adrian Leigh in August 2001 as a specialist creative agency delivering business to business applications for the music industry.
• Live music programming and production
• Club promotions
• Music press and marketing
• Festival planning and production
• Digital marketing
• Brand development

Event architects:
Leyline has a reputation for innovative event solutions and meticulous planning. Whether it is developing and delivering brand event initiatives or programming large outdoor festivals, our core values are the spine of any project we undertake: accountability, organisation and a passion for creating musically charged environments.

Leyline leaves a legacy:
Leyline has built a dedicated team of specialists, drawing from a reservoir of knowledge to provide alternative solutions under one roof. Our proposals are well thought out and explain clearly how we meet short and long term objectives and Leyline leaves clients with valuable referential documentation.

Leyline brings to the table a large network of key relationships across all sectors of the music industry including the press and media, venues, records companies and artist agencies. Leyline are experts in the field of online community management and the use of new technology. This allows a broad campaign to be designed to suit the specific needs of our client’s ambitions. The strategy focuses on three distinct, but complementary areas: 01) Developing our existing entertainment channel 02) offering Branded content for specific products/campaigns 03) developing innovative affiliate partnerships.

Leyline offers the ultimate platform for online advertising providing access to a unique community where consumers interact with their brands via “club and live music” related content and offerings.

"This is a Leyline promotion ...'nuff said!" Time Out