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Leyline understands the business of communications and how to use get the message across whether its through traditional mediums such as press, radio or TV or through new media channels such mobile communications, U Tube or divers web applications. Creative campaigns are bespoked for all our events and for all our clients, meticulously planning short or long terms strategies to achieve clearly defined objectives. In a world where peoples opinions are influenced and expressed more and more through online communities, Leyline embraces the significance and importance carrying important information through these networks. That is why today we have under management over 42,000 opted in subscribed members to Leyline's event databases, allowing us to interact and promote to passionate gig goers and clubbers.


The Glade has been at the cutting edge of outdoor dance music with a stage at the Glastonbury Festival for the past four years and was described as ‘the best stage at Glastonbury’ on Radio 1 in 2003. Whilst continuing to run the stage at Glastonbury, The Glade Festival project aimed to get back to the true festival spirit of 1972 set against the sonic backdrop of today’s dance music trailblazers.

In July 16/17/18th. 2004 Leyline sat in on the first meetings with the festival organizers and established a press and marketing strategy that would remain true to the Glade festival ethos by cherry picking key publications and journalist’s radio programs to preview and champion this unique festival. Together with an innovative online marketing initiative to draw support from the credible underground dance music scene, Leyline galvanized huge press and media support contributing towards a sell out for The Glade Festival in its first year. Now in its third year, it has won the accolade of becoming the second fastest selling music festival after Glastonbury.
• Press and promotions agency

“It's not hard to see why its debut last summer was the success story of the season." DJ Magazine

“Leyline continue to be our press and marketers of choice”. Nick Ladd, Director Glade Festival

Digital marketing:
Leyline’s aim is to always provide innovative digital marketing campaigns with tangible results sales uplift, brand awareness, site traffic website, newsletter subscribers etc. For our clients we provide the following services for artist/label campaigns, brand campaigns etc.

Online PR:
Online PR is often where a digital campaign begins and ends for many companies. However we use it as just one strategy in creating online awareness during a marketing campaign. Through leveraging our relationships with third party sites we’re able to provide new products and releases with a high level of visibility amongst the right audience.

Leyline run "web raiding teams" to distribute products, games and marketing messages across online communities, taste maker sites, blogs. We actively engage with editors, administrators and moderators of target sites, all who have already got trusted relationships with a wider community as well as ‘opinion formers’.

Brands are now are target podcasting as a route to access iTunes 16 million customers. We work with labels and advertisers to produce sponsored audio and video podcasts that (distributed across all major podcasting networks) that actively engage users with brands.